Thursday, September 21, 2006

State Investigator: Sherburne County Jail Screwed Up

A state investigation concluded, to not much surprise, that Sherburne County Jail should have taken more care in housing the man who allegedly killed a guy being held in jail on a no insurance charge last month.

The investigation stated that the jail should have assigned a higher custody level to Bruce Christenson because 1) he was being transported from MCF-Oak Park Heights, Minnesota's most secure facilty and the place where inmates go when they have had trouble in other prisons, and 2) he was brought to Sherburne County on a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon.

The Star Tribune article is here. The Pioneer Press article here has more detail, including this nugget at the end:

"[Carl] Moyle [the victim] had been jailed because he had a third violation of driving without insurance, and Elk River police policy calls for the driver to appear before a judge.
But neither the police nor the jail was required to keep Moyle in custody until his court appearance, which was scheduled for the next day, said Bill Ward, chief public defender for the 10th Judicial District, which includes Sherburne County."