Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Law Broken In Cleveland

Badgers win season opener 35-14.

In other less trivial (but not as fun) news, the recent discharge of a contract public defender handling a Wisconsin homicide case has led to difficulties in finding a replacement attorney. The reason: no one will take it at $40 an hour. I used to work in Wisconsin as a full-time defender. I didn't make $40 an hour there and I don't in Minnesota. But I also don't have to pay overhead and probably wouldn't have to balance a completely full caseload while handling a murder case.

I think most folks will read this article, and articles like it, and roll their eyes about the poor lawyers who can't do a job for $40 an hour. I can't blame them. I just wonder though, is there a better way to make the case that $40 an hour isn't enough? I also think that these articles highlight what a bargain full-time defenders are (without saying it). We are so damn good - and so cheap too.